Monday, May 16, 2011

New Shoes

For a variety of reasons, I've given myself particularly heavy boots about life in general lately. And for a variety of reasons, I was recently reminded that I need to change my perspective.

Or perhaps, just my shoes...

So in the spirit of Paolo Nutini's fantastic song "New Shoes", I'm trading in my boots for something lighter - a small list of things that are currently making my heart really happy.

My twinkle toes, if you will.

* How excited my cats are to see me when I come home
* Perfectly cooked meat - shrimp, fish, salmon, chicken
* Caramelized sweet potatoes
* Getting to know some girlfriends a lot better
* Meeting my neighbors
* Riding my bike... in heels
* Sunsets over the skyline
* The ice machine at work (we have an ice machine! it's awesome!!)
* Singing and doing dishes
* The flowers in Melindy Park, around the corner from my house
* The fact the two plants I bought over a month ago aren't dead yet
* My shoe collection - I have pretty fantastic shoes.
* Nicole at Incredible Creations who makes my nails look pretty for a super affordable price
* Sitting in the courtyard at Neon's and knowing more or less everyone I see
* Sitting on my fire escape enjoying the weather
* Getting a great parking spot and not moving my car for two weeks
* Every time I see the Schwartz's
* great yoga classes at You do Yoga and the Yoga Bar
* the four minute bike ride from home to work
* seeing live concerts around town
* making delicious food for friends where it's so good, there's no leftovers
* grocery shopping at Findlay Market, Aldi, and Mayberry Foodstuffs
* my new bike lock that lives on my bike
* hearing from old friends out of the blue
* planning trips and adventures
* little flowers that are probably weeds but look like flowers to me anyway
* overhearing or seeing people be sweet to each other when they think no one is looking or listening

What gives you twinkle toes?