Friday, April 8, 2011

I has a clothesline.

I am big on saving money, and I hate wasting extra energy if I can help it. I also happen to live in a small apartment that faces out onto an alley, and I know the owners of the building that faces my building. These serendipitous circumstances added up to me working with the owners of Venue222 to install a clothesline outside my apartment.

It was really easy, only cost me $15, and will save me $1.50 a load in dryer costs (raise your hand if you hate quarters!)

The Dents (who also gave me my kittens!) came over a few weeks ago and helped me (okay, Wade did most of the work) install. Naturally I documented the process.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Dee Cee Weekend!

I love and miss my DAAP friends - even the ones that live less than 10 minutes away! With everyone so busy in the Real World with Big Girl Jobs, sometimes you just have to stop and take time out to smell the cherry blossoms.

My girl Sarah (the one who lives 10 minutes away) and I drove out to visit Corrie in Washington DC, where she's working at an awesome design firm and living the dream!

Check it out!

this is Cincinnati.

this is Frederick, Maryland. They look very similar.

 awesome beer bottle cuff links at Eastern Market.

ladyfriends looking all beautiful and urban.

 great ad by Zipcar - when are you coming to Cincinnati?!

 we stopped to smell the cherry blossoms.

 and had fun photoshoots in the park (what?! we're designers!)

 and ate awesome local food.

It was a really fun weekend. I love and miss my friends!