Sunday, July 17, 2011


You know I love riding my bike to work. Rain or shine, snow or sun - I'm hopping on Laverne because I'm too lazy to walk in heels for the exercise and joy of it. Yes, even in sub zero temperatures, with a scarf wrapped around my face, I've derived a great deal of joy from riding to work. My commute is shorter now than it was in December, but I'm still scooting around - I love riding down east using the trail the City has been working on, out to Lunken Airport and down by the river. I love going to Covington, Bellevue and Newport across the river. I'm still a pretty big weenie about hills, but it's a little at a time.

And in case you were wondering... yes. It's really not that hard to ride a bike in heels! I wouldn't do it for 20 miles, but to get to work, just use the balls of your feet (not the heel part) on the pedal, make sure your skirt keeps you modest (no one wants to see unmentionables flying about due to a short skirt!) and get out and ride.

I'm submitting one of the pictures that the AMAZING Nick Thomas took for me this past weekend to the "What Women Want" photo contest and survey - hopefully it will win me a new set of ergonomic pedals! Check out all the pics below, and let me know which one is your favorite. The crowd seems to be indicating #7 is the way to go.