Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I wrote most of this while driving through the night on Saturday.

A final farewell
Velvet Hammer East Coast Team
A toast! Not fired!

Everything was packed
And clean, right before Hannah
Arrived. Thank goodness. 

A simple way to 
See who really likes you is
To ask 'help me move?'

I nearly killed my
Cats - attempted sedation. 
Can you drool to death?

Henry and LB 
Stopped crying and cuddled me
The whole trip. Da fuq?

I hope they don't pee
All over the house -revenge  
For leaving Aunt Liz. 

I was overwhelmed
At the number of people
Who came to Neon's. 

A beautiful blur
Of friends, laughter, drinks, tears, hugs. 
My heart overflows.

I did not expect 
To cry as much as I did
This city changed my life. 

We've been driving for
Nearly ten hours. The day
Is breaking as we

Approach our new home. 
I am not afraid of what's 
Ahead in my life. 

What's next in Fell's Point?
Only one way to find out.
A new adventure.