Tuesday, April 1, 2014

First Impressions: Fells Point in Five Senses

These benches are everywhere.
Hard to believe it's been three weeks on the East Coast. There's still plenty of picture hanging and small project doing to finish up the new apartment - I'll keep you posted as soon as it's picture- ready. The temperatures are warming and things are starting to open up! We're planning new projects like container gardening and indoor herbs... domestic life is taking a front seat to getting out and meeting people (for now...)

What's my new neighborhood of Fells Point like? Well, let me tell you!

Sight: Cobblestones, historic architecture. The bay takes my breath away with the sunlight flashing over the water. All sorts of people - pot bellied pig walkers, kindergarten classes, everyone in between. I have a view out my window by the office desk that affords a view of the plaza below. As the weather warms, dozens of different people flock to the square. Soon there will be markets and festivals, summer sunshine and music. It's kind of amazing.

I flew into BWI from a quick work trip last week, and was suprised at the Baltimore skyline. There isn't really much of one that I can tell - so many of the buildings are smaller (and super old). It was an interesting juxtaposition to Cincy's very distintive skyline.

Boats!  The harbor is gorgeous.
Sound: Seagulls. Seagulls? Seagulls! Its been unsettling to hear the squawk of seabirds as I am a landlubber by nature. Though the apartment is situated on a block chock full of bars and restaurants, the bedroom is in the back and mercifully, amazingly quiet. Its been the best sleep Ive gotten in months. On weekends we can hear the noises of people enjoying themselves down below near the front of the place - very similar to Main Street back home. I moved on St Patricks weekend - like OTR, you could feel the neighborhoods collective hangover the next day. Same sort of celebrating, but I don't know any of the revelers. There are bars with live music just a few steps away. It's been nice to play my guitar and listen to records (though I am sadly missing a fire escape on which to do so.)

Touch: So far the weather has been slow to warm up. I spend most days inside, but have ventured out for fresh air, sunshine, and the occasional workout. The streets on my block are cobblestoned, which make for an interesting walking pattern (and feel bumpy while driving and riding bikes) Traffic calming at its finest. Winter wind, sunshine on my face, cobblestones beneath my feet, and kitty fur at my fingertips. Holding hands with my guy isn't too shabby, either. 

Eat crab cakes with saltines and mustard? 
Smell: Believe it or not, the neighborhood has its own smell. There is a local bakery with its main operation three blocks west of my place. The result is walking down streets that smell like cinnamon raisin toast. Heavenly smells of sweet, sweet carbohydrates assault your nose the moment you step outside - especially in the evening. it never fails to make me hungry.

Taste: Keith and I are overwhelmed with the amount of options available for dining out. Over 80 bars, shops and restaurants are within a four block radius. We are trying to watch waistlines and budgets while still trying new things. There's an Aldi within a five minute drive, and a Safeway and Whole Foods to boot. Mexican markets and a small prepared foods market (looks kinda like Findlay, but MUCH smaller) are two blocks away. There is a little specialty store reminiscent of Park and Vine (minus the amazing proprietor) just down the way where I stocked up on fresh bread and nutritional yeast. We've tried a few restaurants - some hit and miss, but always on the lookout for something new. The nice thing is, it's all new to us! The Baltimore Reddit is bursting with food recommendations. We haven't really gotten out of the neighborhood yet.  Soon, very soon, it will be farmer's market season. And then crab season. Let the games begin!

I'm still working to set up house and get everything where it needs to be. Aside from our neighbors and the nice counter manager at the gym, I haven't made a significant effort to get out and meet people yet. There's still plenty of time for that. Still got to work from the inside out.

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